Ultra-premium, additive free sipping tequila launches with Añejo expression

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today marks the launch of 1953 Tequila, an ultra-premium, additive free Añejo Tequila founded, farmed, distilled, and led by women. It was on this day seventy years ago that women in Mexico secured their right to vote and 1953 Tequila honors the courage, tenacity, and boldness of those who advanced equality then, and celebrates those who continue to pursue equality for women around the world today.

“Three years ago, we set out to make one of the world’s finest tequilas in a way that fundamentally changes the industry,” said Lindsey Davis Stover, founder and president of 1953 Tequila. “The story of this tequila isn’t traditional, but paths for women rarely are. Today we couldn’t be more excited to introduce that story and this tequila to everyone who wants to purchase with purpose,” added Shivam Mallick Shah, founder and CEO of 1953 Tequila.

The Story of 1953 Tequila
Founders and friends Shivam Mallick Shah, Lindsey Davis Stover and Alison Kiehl Friedman came together in search of a consciously crafted, ultra-premium tequila. Together, they sought partners in Mexico who applied the finest craftsmanship utilizing the region’s traditional methods to make a luxurious tequila without additives, and who shared in their commitment to providing opportunities for other women in the male-dominated tequila industry. Moving forward with an acclaimed, family-owned distillery, the 1953 Tequila team developed a smooth sipping tequila perfect for gathering friends to share old stories and celebrating life’s many milestones. Proud to shine a spotlight on a time-honored spirit, 1953 Tequila works with a highly experienced and talented team, including:

  • Four sisters who, with the founding of 1953 Tequila, stepped up to run an agave farm previously passed down from father to son for generations;
  • Rocio Rodriguez, a master distiller who uses her degree in chemical engineering to meld science and tradition to craft a wholly authentic, natural spirit to savor; and
  • Adriana Lopez, who carries on her family’s tradition of making fine tequila and owns the unionized distillery that produces 1953 Tequila.

“1953 Tequila is dedicated to the trailblazers challenging traditional industry norms and impacting the world in ways large and small,” added Alison Kiehl Friedman, founder and president of 1953 Tequila.

Production and Tasting Notes
The exquisite tequila is derived from 100% pure Blue Weber agave responsibly harvested from the mineral-rich red soil of the Jalisco highlands, to create an ultra-premium, additive free sipping tequila with a smooth and refined finish. It is slow roasted and aged to perfection for 15 months in vintage American Oak barrels previously used for bourbon, resulting in a sipping tequila with luxurious notes of caramel and vanilla accented with notes of citrus and chocolate. 1953 Tequila has a collective commitment to take no shortcuts—utilizing natural spring water, proprietary yeast, foregoing additives, and taking the time required to let these complex flavors evolve naturally.

1953 Tequila’s bespoke custom bottle was designed to embody both luxury and strength, and can be reused long past its final pour.

A Social Justice Spirit
1953 Tequila is committed to doing business that creates value – for women, workers, and the world – and demonstrates that business can be a force of positive change in communities. This commitment includes prioritizing female leadership throughout its supply chain, supporting unionized labor, working to advance environmental standards, and supporting organizations that elevate the stories of women.

1953 Tequila Añejo retails for $205 (750mL) and is available for purchase exclusively on ReserveBar.com. To learn more, visit 1953Tequila.com.  

About 1953 Tequila
Founded in 2020, 1953 Tequila is a social justice spirit with superior taste and a distinct commitment to empowering women. Honoring the courage, tenacity and boldness of the women who fought for equality then and those who continue to pursue equality for women and girls around the world today, 1953 Tequila is consciously cultivated and proud to be an additive free, ultra-premium tequila founded, farmed, distilled, distributed, and led by women. To learn more about 1953 Tequila, visit 1953Tequila.com and follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

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1953 Tequila is an ultra-premium, additive free Añejo Tequila founded, farmed, distilled, and led by women.

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