Local Learning Center Pioneers the Future of Education by Personalizing Curriculum for Every Learner

BARSTOW, Calif., Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — New Joy Learning Center, a learning center in Barstow that offers a variety of alternative learning systems, is taking the initiative to change the future of education by creating customized curriculum for each learner they work with.

Founded by a seasoned football coach and his wife (Michael and Sharon Williams), the learning center strives to be more than just a facility, instead opting to treat students like they are a family. Drawing from their rich legacy of six children and eight grandchildren, the Williams’s understand diverse learning needs and a commitment to keeping learning engaging for everyone.

Eschewing traditional limitations, they have created a space where fine arts and mentoring converge, illuminating the unique potential of each student. The center serves as a refuge from distractions and one-size-fits-all methods. Parents will appreciate their customized approach and deep mentorship, and the New Joy Learning Center notes that it’s not uncommon for students to come to them initially getting Ds and Fs, only to turn things around and receive straight As.

For many students, it’s this non-traditional and personalized approach to learning that allows them to feel encouraged and supported on their journey. Bridging educational gaps is a necessity, New Joy Learning Center notes, and their mission states that they are “committed to fostering a sense of belonging, nurturing individual talents, and cultivating lifelong learners.”

Students from all backgrounds are welcome at New Joy Learning Center, because their goal is to help all students flourish by tailoring programs to suit individual, specific needs. Combined with educators who are incredibly passionate about setting learners up for success, New Joy strives to take students of all ages and levels on the transformative educational journey they need to succeed.

Those interested can explore the programs and services offered or enroll at https://www.newjoycenter.org/.

About New Joy Learning Center

New Joy Learning Center offers personalized education paths for learners in grades K-12, with a focus on life skills and holistic development. If you would like to be a school partner or learn more about New Joy’s school partnerships, please reach out to Michael or Sharon Williams at: 1 951-332-1627.

Contact Information
Name: Michael or Sharon Williams
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (951) 332-1627

SOURCE New Joy Learning Center

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