Racial Equity Advisory Firm Harper Slade Debuts The RAARE Woman Collective: a National Movement and Coaching Program Suite for White Women

Program Debuts Today and Officially Kicks-Off with Three-Day Live Event in November in Louisville, KY

LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/Harper Slade, a racial equity advisory firm, today announced the launch of a movement called The RAARE Woman Collective. It stands for Radical Action Advancing Racial Equity and is a coaching suite for “inclined” white women who want to advance racial equity at home, at work, and in their communities.

As part of the program, there will be a launch event featuring three days of coaching, coalescing, fantastic content, and collaboration, from November 2-4, all focused on creating a world where racism can’t live. This will be a carefully cultivated and concerted approach to addressing racism where we find it, focused under a unified definition of racial equity and on clear outcomes, with a nurturing supportive model and plenty of opportunities to practice equity in action. All of this is possible by thoughtfully mobilizing the fullness of white women’s Power, Position, Proximity.

There are white women who very much want to lead in the dilution of racism, but don’t know how and they may be:

  • So scared to say the wrong thing that they say nothing on this topic
  • Don’t want to trip up with black women and take space that they believe is not theirs
  • Worried that the same old approach to anti-racism is yielding lack-luster results and NOT going to make real change
  • Would appreciate a community of women from around the country –all assented to the same language, framework AND support in furtherance of this work
  • Looking for legacy-setting impact to change the world

The compelling model for the program is also supported by RAARE Woman Advisors, early adopters to both the style and substance of the RAARE Woman Collective. All of whom have committed to attend the three-day live event and support the programs outreach and promotional efforts. Advisors are:

  • Christine Hildebrand, CEO Christine Hildebrand Consulting, San Francisco
  • Denise Conroy, Queen Maker CEO Themy, Boston
  • Maggie Harlow, Owner, Signarama, Louisville
  • Mary Quinn Ramer, President Visit Lex, Lexington
  • Meghann Conter, Founder, The Dames, Denver
  • Nicole Armstrong, CEO Ellequate, Cincinnati
  • Rachel Greenberg, First Lady of Louisville

The RAARE Woman Collective is launching with a live event in Louisville KY and will continue, for those courageous enough to stay the course, for 52 weeks of coaching and support of individual racial equity Legacy Plans developed by RAARE Women in the Collective. The goal of the RAARE Woman Collective series is to transform the way that humans presumptively value each other and help demonstrably foster the belief that difference, by race, is not tantamount to deficit.

The program will feature a curated community of women from around the country, who want to use their voice to collectively lead in the advancement of racial equity with their loved ones, co-workers, neighbors, and connections. RAARE Women Collective participants will immerse in racial equality work with a community of other similarly assented women and with nurtured support and guidance from our small and potent team of black women coaches. This provides an opportunity for black and white women to finally become real partners in advocacy on an issue that has always shackled the country’s well-being.

“There is nothing like this offered today,” said Nikki Lanier, CEO of Harper Slade and Founder of the RAARE Woman Collective. “This model presumes a partnership in advocacy and leadership with white and black women as partners in this work. Racial Equity Work, though a relatively new undertaking, is occurring, for the most part, in our workplaces as a part of  DEI programs. Even in the best of circumstances, working racial equity priorities only at work, is insufficient. We must reinforce this work in our homes and our communities. Nothing like this extensive coaching and support model specifically for white women has been available before, especially curated by black women. I believe we can create a world where racism can’t live and we will do so, via the RAARE Woman Collective.”

Beam Suntory is the presenting sponsor for the LIVE  event.  Other sponsors include the Muhammad Ali Center, SignArama and Louisville Business First. To inquire about sponsorship opportunities for this unprecedented live event, contact Cynthia Stewart at [email protected]

For those interested in learning more about the RAARE Woman Collective Live Event, Nikki Lanier and her team will be hosting Information Sessions in Chicago, Atlanta and Houston this summer. Virtual Information sessions, called Night with Nikki, will be held on July 10, August 15, September 12, and October 10, all at 6pm EST by Zoom. To register for a live information session or A Night with Nikki, contact [email protected]

For additional information on RAARE, please visit: www.raarewomancollectivelive.com

A curated community of women from around the world, who want to use their voice to collectively lead in the advancement of racial equity with their loved ones, co-workers, neighbors, and connections. A concerted, supported, and disciplined coaching experience focused on understanding the history of our racial divide and its multidimensional effects on all of us. RAARE Women Collective participants will immerse in this work with a community of other similarly assented women and with nurtured support and guidance from our small and potent team of black women coaches.

About Harper Slade
Harper Slade is one of the fastest growing and most highly recognized racial equity advisory firms in the country. The company helps you challenge and reset your beliefs about people of color FIRST, challenge and reset your behaviors SECOND, and develop appropriately paced and sequenced equity strategies that help grow communities and assure greater innovation and advantage within companies.

About Nikki Lanier
Nikki Lanier is the CEO of Harper Slade and Nikki Lanier Holdings.  The former Federal Reserve executive is an experienced leader with more than 25 years of career achievements that span Monetary Policy, Labor, Employment Law, Collective Bargaining, Human Resources, and State Government, Nikki has an extraordinarily unique professional background. Having been reared on a historically black college campus and raised by two parents very steeped in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, Nikki’s voice and perspective on the link between inequity and macroeconomics is a compelling one.  Her musings on these topics have been featured in USA Today, Forbes Magazine, Essence Magazine, Ebony Media, Blavity, PBS and countless webcasts and podcasts. Though based in Kentucky, she has spoken at convenings all over the world in furtherance of this work. Nikki earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law, a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Hampton University and has served on more than 15 non-profit and public boards.

Media Contact:
Sandra Correa
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