Valo, a New Christian Dating App, Focuses on Finding a Relationship instead of Casual Dating

HELSINKI, Oct. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In today `s fast-paced world of online dating, where options seem endless and choices overwhelming, Valo is proud to announce a groundbreaking approach to redefine the dating landscape. Recognizing the emerging trend of accumulating matches without genuine intent, Valo introduces a unique concept designed to foster meaningful connections and overcome the “matching paradox.”

The dating scene has witnessed a curious phenomenon – individuals gathering matches like tokens of validation, akin to curating a partner “farm.” This behavior, although initially appealing, leads to a puzzling contradiction: an abundance of options resulting in indecision and, ironically, loneliness.

Amidst the sea of potential partners, the fascination of accumulating matches often becomes a quest for self-esteem boosters. Each match seems to serve as a digital trophy, momentarily boosting confidence. Yet, this abundance paradoxically triggers a choice paralysis, preventing the emergence of deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

Valo’s approach to this dating dilemma is rooted in psychology and human behavior. Helen Fisher, a senior research fellow in biological anthropology at the Kinsey Institute, has talked about the impact of cognitive overload on decision-making in the context of dating apps. Fisher has recommended in a debate about romance and dating apps that individuals would choose between up to nine options as beyond that decision-making becomes overwhelming and unsatisfying. Therefore, Valo has embraced this thought by offering users a curated selection of just nine potential matches at a time.

“We envision a dating experience that encourages thoughtful consideration and genuine interactions,” says Kristiina Fekete, spokesperson for Valo Dating App. “Our mission is that everybody finds a relationship in Valo.”

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Valo Dating App is the biggest and fastest-growing Christian dating app in Scandinavia. While its users are united by shared Christian values and thousands of couples have found meaningful relationships within the app, the phenomenon of accumulating matches without genuine intent is not exclusive to any one group. It resonates with anyone navigating the complexities of modern dating.

The innovative solution doesn’t simply limit the number of matches; it encourages users to pause, reflect, and truly engage with each potential partner. By creating space for deliberate evaluation, Valo empowers users to prioritize intention and authenticity, paving the way for more profound connections.

Valo’s new approach is resonating with users who have long sought a dating environment that values depth over breadth. The concept not only addresses the matching paradox but also promotes a culture of finding the right relationship at a pace that feels comfortable.

“In a world where swipes and quick judgments are the norm, Valo stands out by introducing a thoughtful process that respects the intricacies of human connection,” adds Fekete. “We’re excited to lead the way in reshaping modern dating and helping individuals navigate the journey towards genuine companionship.”

Valo Dating App’s commitment to creating meaningful connections has struck a chord in the online dating community. The platform’s approach to matchmaking offers a refreshing alternative to the status quo, providing hope for those who believe in the power of genuine, lasting relationships. “We have always wanted to create a dating app that truly works.”

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Valo Dating App is the biggest and fastest-growing Christian dating app in Scandinavia, focusing on fostering meaningful connections in the world of online dating. Its users are united by shared Christian values and a desire to find long-lasting relationships. By embracing a thoughtfully curated selection of potential matches and encouraging intentional interactions, Valo aims to break free from the matching paradox and help individuals find genuine companionship. With a dedication to promoting quality over quantity, Valo is redefining the way people approach modern dating.


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