Revolutionizing Senior Healthcare with Virtual Reality, Viva Vita and Waya Health Announce Partnership

Two leading VR healthcare companies have joined forces to bring better, more efficient care to patients and providers

WASHINGTON, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Viva Vita and Waya Health are joining forces to simplify the integration of virtual reality (VR) technology for healthcare providers. Through this collaboration, patients, including residents in senior living communities, will gain access to advanced VR experiences that will revolutionize their daily healthcare journey.

The healthcare sector’s growing interest in VR poses challenges due to fragmented solutions. Viva Vita and Waya Health’s partnership offers a unified offering on a single VR headset, facilitating easier integration with existing healthcare systems and workflows and reducing the complexity and costs associated with implementing VR technology.

“This collaboration – or ‘Coalition’ – we’re forming could not come at a better time,” said Carleigh Berryman, CEO of Viva Vita.”Healthcare providers can now bundle the Waya Health and Viva Vita product suite, saving time, effort, resources, all while gaining access to a comprehensive suite of VR solutions that cater to their specific needs.”

By seamlessly integrating VR solutions across health systems, senior living brands, rehabilitation systems, and more, Viva Vita and Waya Health aspire to drive industry-wide transformation.

“This partnership brings us closer to our mission of enabling immersive patient experiences, empowering providers with new tools and insights, and optimizing healthcare systems for improved efficiency and effectiveness. ,” said Joe Morgan MD, President at Waya Health. “Leveraging the proven technologies of Waya Health and Viva Vita, along with our combined know-how for success at scale, we are in a position to disrupt healthcare in ways that were previously unimaginable.”

About Waya Health

Waya Health was founded by clinicians who are leveraging technology to improve the lives of patients, colleagues, and what is possible in healthcare. As a healthcare company first, we are committed to creating better patient outcomes, whether that is less pain, reduced anxiety, a speedier recovery or reducing the need for drugs. The Waya platform is a unified virtual reality platform that allows this technology to be deployed in the most sensible, cost-effective, and versatile way. We constantly strive to add new capabilities as the potential of this technology is discovered, tested and proven. Our values are in line with the patients, doctors, and the medical support staff we empower with our leading-edge technological tools. We are clinicians harnessing the power of technology.

About Viva Vita

Since 2019, Viva Vita has empowered older adults across the U.S., U.K., and Canada to “Live Life” to the fullest with immersive VR experiences. Viva Vita’s VR programs, conveniently provided in an all-in-one Kit, offer senior living communities and adults aging in place the opportunity to travel, relax, and learn from any location and at any moment. Viva Vita proudly serves over 200+ senior living communities worldwide.

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