Reappraisal of the attack during the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972

Reappraisal of the attack during the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972


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Community & integration

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26 January 2023

Call for proposals of suitable candidates for a commission of historians.

In autumn 2022, the Federal Government decided to appoint a commission of historians to reappraise the attack during the Olympic Games in Munich. The commission is to be comprised mainly of German and Israeli historians. In addition to examining the attack on the Israeli Olympic team on 5 September 1972, the commission will study the background and the aftermath of the attack.

It is to scrutinise all available sources, create a scholarly account and assessment of the findings, and identify any areas where further research is needed. The commission’s findings are expected to shed light on the events and to contribute to a vital culture of remembrance that is grounded in the latest scholarly knowledge. The commission of historians will be supported by an institution of the academic study of history.

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