United Nations Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence (GGCE) in Bonn, Germany started

United Nations Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence (GGCE) in Bonn, Germany started

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07 December 2022

In 2020 the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) welcomed and supported the offer from the Federal Republic of Germany to establish and host a Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence (GGCE) at the United Nations Campus in Bonn, Germany. With the signature of the Agreement on the Operationalization of the GGCE by the United Nations and the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community the road for the GGCE start of work has been cleared.

On this occasion State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI) Juliane Seifert emphasizes:
“With the successful conclusion of the Agreement for the United Nations Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence Germany once more proved itself to be a reliable international partner. The Centre of Excellence is going to provide important contributions to a UN Member State agreed worldwide geodetic infrastructure. This infrastructure is the reliable long-term foundation for applications like satellite navigation, space-borne Earth observation as well as monitoring of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.”

There are ongoing clarifications of practical GGCE arrangements at the UN Campus in Bonn, Germany. At the same time the employment of expert personnel for the GGCE has begun. Within the initial four year period of financial support from the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) the GGCE will reach its full cruising speed including the contacts and cooperation with the international expert community via the GGCE International Advisory Committee as well as the strategic advice given by the UN and BMI staffed GGCE Steering Committee. The GGCE will work towards implementation of the Framework Plan as outlined in the Agreement and will have a view on securing the permanent availability of financial means.

Originally published at https://www.bmi.bund.de/SharedDocs/pressemitteilungen/EN/2022/12/ggce-bonn.html;jsessionid=9457B655063D61410475C2FA5BB2672F.1_cid287

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