AdelFi and Crown Financial Ministries Partner to Bring Biblically Based Financial Education Platform to Christians

AdelFi consumer banking members, non-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses across the U.S. will have access to free Biblically based information on stewardship, budgeting, and saving through the AdelFi Financial Stewardship Center

BREA, Calif., Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AdelFi, the leading digital Christian banking institution in the U.S., today announced its partnership with Crown Financial Ministries, the leading non-profit organization providing biblical stewardship education to Christians worldwide. The exclusive banking partnership with Crown enables AdelFi to offer customized courses on financial stewardship, budgeting, and saving to its thousands of consumers, non-profits, and business members across the U.S.  Plans are to develop more than 20 customized courses, all based on what the Bible teaches Christians about money.

The online education platform is a timely addition to the AdelFi Financial Stewardship Center, which already provides AdelFi members free access to credit scores, financial calculators, and articles on various topics such as credit/borrowing, home purchasing, getting out of debt, teaching kids about money, and much more. 

“As a Christian financial institution, we want to provide our members access to education and resources from a biblical perspective and in a fully digital way. As many of our members are younger and more digitally savvy, we are thankful that Crown allowed us to customize their courses to match how our members prefer to learn,” said Abel Pomar, President, and CEO for AdelFi.

The 2022 research conducted by Lifeway Research and AdelFi, found that young Christian consumers, compared to their non-Christian counterparts, considered taking on more debt (47% v. 37%). Also, the study found that while 74% of young adults seek to purchase from companies that share their values, only 48% of Christians spend their money with Christian owned companies.

Pomar added, “It’s important for us to educate the broader Christian community about the lasting Kingdom impact that money has, specifically how we spend and invest it. Christians should know how banks utilize and invest the resources God entrusts to them, and how we as a Christian financial institution are fundamentally different.”

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About AdelFi 
AdelFi was founded in 1964, originally as the Conservative Baptist Credit Union, which merged in 1984 with the Association of Christian Schools International Credit Union to form Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU), a leading full-service Christian financial institution. In 2022, ECCU was rebranded to AdelFi (brothers and sisters in Christ) to represent its Christian members’ shared beliefs and resources.  Today, AdelFi is committed to equipping individuals, Christian businesses, and ministries to better align their faith with their finances and to manage their financial resources so they can pursue their God-given mission. AdelFi has a growing alliance of 14,000 thousand individuals, businesses, organizations, and ministries whose combined membership helps support the spread of the Gospel in the U.S. and worldwide. Visit for more information.

About Crown Financial Ministries
Crown envisions a world filled with individuals, families, communities, and nations flourishing through the principles and practices of God’s economy. Over the course of 47 years of ministry we’ve noticed, in order to be set free, fully restored and ultimately flourish, you must first understand and act on who you are (your God-given design), what you have (all the resources He’s entrusted to your care), and how to use both well. From leaders of pregnancy centers in the U.S., to Budget and Career Coaches around the world, to small scale farmers in Africa, to Spanish business leaders and entrepreneurs, we’re focused on equipping them to train their communities how to use the resources they already have to overcome economic pain and suffering so they can fully embrace the life of freedom and purpose God originally intended. 

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