Autism-Focused Life Sciences Company Revolutionizes the Diagnostic Journey for Families Nationwide

With the addition of Illinois, Quadrant Biosciences has expanded its virtual clinic for autism evaluations to all 50 states to reduce two-year diagnostic wait times for families down to weeks

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Quadrant Biosciences has reached a new milestone in their quest to provide integrated solutions to families who, for decades, have been navigating a very fractured health system surrounding autism services. A disrupter to the autism space, life sciences company Quadrant Biosciences announced today the expansion of virtual diagnostic services through its service line, As You Are, to its 50th and final state. With the addition of Illinois in late December, the company can now give families across the country faster access to autism diagnostic evaluations, reducing wait times from months or years to simply weeks.

As You Are is an integral component of Quadrant Biosciences Inc., which has a mission to enhance the well-being of children and families, focusing on those facing developmental delays, including autism.

Richard Uhlig, CEO and Founder of Quadrant Biosciences, said, “As You Are physicians are evaluating over 1,000 new children every month. The national demand for our services is so significant that we’re growing at 20 percent per month to meet parents’ needs.”

Beyond an autism diagnosis, there are other important steps in the child’s medical journey for families to consider. For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends genetic testing for all children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Quadrant Laboratories, another core entity of the life sciences company, offers a saliva-based genetic test that can be sent directly to a child’s home to assist with a family’s journey toward answers.

While a virtual evaluation and genetic testing are two pivotal steps towards a treatment plan, the most important outcome for a family throughout this journey is ultimately an optimal treatment plan for their child’s unique needs. As a child works through their clinical interventions or therapies, measuring progress is key to adjusting treatment plans over time. Autism Analytica, a subsidiary of Quadrant Biosciences, has launched a clinical decision support software package designed to help clinicians better measure progress and improvements over time in a more standardized way. The platform, known as Virtual IPM, will help to right-size individual care plans for each child and clinician capacity. Overall, it aims to streamline the clinical workflow and apply evidence-based assessment standards essential to the evaluation, treatment planning, and progress monitoring processes associated with neurodevelopmental disabilities and child mental health.

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