China Matters’ Features: The Asian Games Unveils Xiangshan, the City of Sailing

BEIJING, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Surrounded by sea on three sides, Xiangshan, by a glance, is just a small city in Zhejiang Province. In fact, it is home to some of the world’s top sailing enthusiasts, and almost every Xiangshan native is fond of sailing.

Here, sailing is not only a sport for athletes, but also a mass event. With the Asian Games underway, Xiangshan is trying every efforts to hold this great event successfully. Ying Haisong and his wife are among the people in Xiangshan who are sparing no effort to pursue their dream in the Asian Games: to promote sailing into thousands of households.

Ying Haisong, a native of Xiangshan, always considers himself as a man of the sea. Once an award-winning athlete of sailing, Ying is now a staff member of the Asian Games. China Matters explores the story of Ying Haisong about how he was engaged in sailing, led the team to win the gold medal for Xiangshan and now is preparing for the Asian Games. Our lens is also focused on Ying Haisong’s efforts with his wife Lin Feifei to train students so as to introduce sailing to the mass, especially children.

How does Ying Haisong see his hometown, Xiangshan and the on-going Asian Games? What is his expectation to the City of Sailing, and what can we, the audience, expect from Xiangshan?

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