Disaster relief action with excavator, mobile crane and temporary bridges

Disaster relief action with excavator, mobile crane and temporary bridges


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Civil protection

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15 August 2023

On the ground in Slovenia: THW pitches in after severe flooding

Intense rainfall caused severe flooding in Slovenia on 6 August. THW, Germany’s Federal Agency for Technical Relief, has been on the ground since 7 August to help with rescue and repair operations. The agency first sent a team of experts to assess the damage, together with the local authorities.

Heavy salvage equipment in use

The THW is using special equipment for the rescue and repair operations. In northern Slovenia, THW relief workers used a walking excavator to clear stones and tree trunks from a river bed; other THW helpers, together with their French counterparts, repaired a road with a tracked excavator, while others used several THW tippers to remove rubble.

Building bridges to restore infrastructure

THW relief workers are also helping with rebuilding bridges. More than 40 THW experts have been in Slovenia since 10 August to help restore bridges. The floods had destroyed bridges over the River Meža in Prevalje. THW workers helped to build a temporary bridge across the river within four days. It is 30 metres long and supports up to 30 tonnes of weight.

The THW experts are still on the ground and are doing preparatory work for another temporary bridge in Prevalje, among other things.

For more information on the THW mission (in German) please go to

Originally published at https://www.bmi.bund.de/SharedDocs/kurzmeldungen/EN/2023/08/thw-slowenien.html;jsessionid=E0E90DF91862BE607F4A7C5EE88BFC29.2_cid378

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