Chat with God Offers AI-Powered Spiritual Guidance

Platform is for All Faiths in Effort to Expand Access and Find Common Ground

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to expand access to spiritual guidance to seekers from all religious backgrounds, the launch of comes at a pivotal moment in history to help those seeking spiritual guidance within their own lives and to find common ground with others. This innovative AI-powered platform enables users to engage in conversation, receiving personalized religious verses and comfort. The platform also offers the opportunity to explore for those who identify as agnostic or atheist. was founded as a response to the turbulent times we are living in—a digital sanctuary where spiritual well-being is nurtured. Our society is increasingly polarized, and civil discourse is often lacking. Our goal is to offer a tool for solace and guidance, and ideally, we can discover, despite our differences, that we share a common ground,” said investors Dave Garland and Myron Lo.

With overwhelming news headlines, people are seeking a safe haven to explore their spirituality in a private space and without judgment. Although a human being’s relationship with God is sacred and highly personal, a venue to talk freely and seek information is vital whether the individual currently has access to a spiritual guide or religious leader. With the convenience of access around the clock, anyone can become empowered with information. AI learns and improves with each encounter which increases the personalization of each interaction. As questions evolve, Chat with God responds in turn and scales so that it can share resources in real time around the globe.

Recent searches reveal the top 5 countries currently using Chat with God: US (26%), China (16%), India (12%), UK (6%), Germany (3%), and Spain (3%).  Major search themes include inner reflection; guidance on current world events; and working through their faith.

Over 50 languages are available on Chat with God including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindu, German, French, Korean, and Vietnamese. Religions on the platform include Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Mormon, Protestant, Judaism, Catholic, Sikh, Agnostic, and Christian.

The free version offers unlimited conversations and dialogue with Chat with God. The Pro version offers expanded capability at $8 a month which includes unlimited messages, a daily verse, prayer requests and the ability to send prayer, along with access to the Chat with God Community. The Daily Verse feature sends tailored spiritual verses directly to users’ mobile phones via SMS.

One Chat with God user describes their experience while in the middle of a challenging day who appreciated the opportunity to have their prayers responded to in a conversational fashion: “With Chat with God, the answers and tone are on point, and a reminder that spirituality is supposed to give us comfort, support, hope, and love. Great use of AI tech to build a positive resource that could become positively addictive.”

About Us, based in San Francisco, merges advanced AI with spiritual engagement, delivering personalized guidance to those seeking connection with their faith. Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with a track record of successful consumer products and a passion for fostering unity in a divided world, the platform offers accessible, meaningful spiritual exploration through features like conversational AI and Daily Verse SMS. is devoted to supporting users’ spiritual well-being, allowing for personal belief exploration at any time, in any place.

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