State of Migration: global migration influx in 2022

State of Migration: global migration influx in 2022

The year 2022 marked a global migration surge compared to 2021. This also holds true for the Netherlands: 403,108 individuals entered our country, which is 61% more than the previous year. International events have a major impact on migration, such as Russia’s attack on Ukraine. In 2022, over 108 thousand refugees from Ukraine entered our country. Asylum migration is a minor portion of total migration to the Netherlands. In recent years, the vast majority, over 8 in 10 migrants, came here to work or study, or for a relationship.

The third edition of the State of Migration was submitted to the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament by the Cabinet on 6 October 2023. This report contains facts and figures on migration and outlines the main developments in 2022.

Eventful migration year

2022 was an eventful migration year. The focus was on addressing the most acute challenges in the refugee crisis. This was tackled diligently by implementing agencies, municipalities, provinces, security regions and other stakeholders.

Migration involves much more than the asylum domain and the intake of displaced Ukrainians. The State of Migration therefore addresses various migration flows, including asylum, family, labour and study.

About the State of Migration

Migration is the subject of much debate and developments are proceeding rapidly. This makes accurate information about migration essential. The State of Migration provides this information, for a balanced debate and policy substantiation. Figures are used to illustrate who enters the Netherlands and how many people leave. In addition, figures on the integration of migrants into society are presented, for example on housing and civic integration. The developments in the Netherlands are not isolated. Accordingly, the international and European perspective is also outlined.

The State of Migration is a co-production of the Ministries of Justice and Security, Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Social Affairs and Employment.

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