ImageSource, Inc. Transforms Member Services Experience for the Quinault Indian Nation

OLYMPIA, Wash., June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ImageSource, the manufacturer of ILINX, the world’s most flexible process-improvement platform, proudly announces its latest partnership with the Quinault Indian Nation. This collaboration will revolutionize the member services experience, bringing state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions to enhance community engagement and operational efficiency.

The Quinault Indian Nation, known for its rich cultural heritage and forward-thinking governance, has taken a significant step towards modernizing its member services. Built in partnership with ImageSource on the ILINX platform, the Quinault Indian Nation now provides its members with a digital experience that delivers seamless, efficient, and accessible services.

Reaching members across the digital divide was a key priority for member service delivery. Daniel Ebling, Quinault CFO, shares, “One of the first of our members to complete the registration process and access the member services experience is 88 years old. We are extremely proud of that. The solution truly serves each of our members and allows them to access and utilize critical services that directly improve their quality of life.”

The member services experience includes a community calendar and newsfeed, historical records access, and program applications that intuitively recommend services based on an individual’s qualifications.

“We are honored to partner with the Quinault Indian Nation,” said Terry Sutherland, CEO of ImageSource, Inc. “Our mission was to empower their community through technology, and this collaboration is a testament to that commitment. We look forward to seeing the positive impact the Member Service Experience will have on the Nation’s operations and its members’ lives.”

The Quinault Indian Nation’s decision to leverage ImageSource’s expertise is a strategic move towards a more efficient and member-focused future. This partnership underscores the importance of adopting modern technologies to support native communities in their journey toward self-sufficiency and growth.

“We are excited about the possibilities this partnership brings,” said Ebling, “By working with ImageSource, we are not only improving our current member services but also laying a strong foundation for future generations. This initiative will help us maintain our cultural integrity while embracing the benefits of modern technology.”

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