MOWI Brand debuts new products at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston

In its third year since its launch in North America, the MOWI Brand puts on a fantastic array of farm raised Atlantic salmon products at the Boston Seafood Expo North America. From four SKUS launched in March 2020, to now over twenty, MOWI has expanded into a variety of categories from fresh skin-packed, cold, and hot smoked, breaded, and frozen indulgent salmon. The Seafood Expo is the perfect occasion to celebrate the brand’s trajectory.

MIAMI, March 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Seizing the opportunity of the most important US Seafood Expo, MOWI Brand commemorates its third year since its March 2020 launch and displays the impressive progress it has made with new product offerings and categories. The MOWI Brand launched for the first time right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic through online grocery. During the most unprecedented times, the brand was well received by US consumers and quickly flourished with its concept of pre-packed farm raised Atlantic salmon offered in pre-cut portions for convenience. “Launching a new brand during a pandemic presented its challenges, not only proved the strength and tenacity of our team, but it also confirmed that MOWI is set for growth in North America and has a long way to expand,” said Robert Clark, Director of Sales at Mowi CP of Americas.

A quick product expansion in a short time and in the middle of a pandemic demonstrated that MOWI has a bright future in the Seafood Category. One of MOWI’s product reached the #2 Best Seller with a partner in the online grocery category in 2020. For three consecutive years, 87% of consumer reviews scored the brand 4 out of 5 stars. 

MOWI Salmon, with pre-packed freshness, expanded to brick and mortar in 2021, and released a new cold and hot roasted smoked line which included alcoholic flavors and marinades to wow seafood eaters seeking for new experiences. MOWI’s marketing efforts became a great engine of brand awareness helping bring an average of 39% new shoppers per month to the online seafood category. In 2021, “Salmon” became the #1 Top Key Word Search in the seafood category on fresh YTD at the online grocery partner.

Mowi has become the partner of choice for customers who desire the expertise of a market leader, coupled with innovation, quality, and taste. Over the preceding 3 years, MOWI expanded the fresh pre-packed line to offer salmon portions that come pre-seasoned, portions on a cedar plank, pre-cut portions in a variety of sizes and value packs. In 2022, the brand continued to expand with more variety and everyday price points. The product range that received the most interest among Mowi customers offered traditional cuts and generous sized portions of salmon of Canadian, Chilean, and Norwegian origin. This line carries the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s global standards for responsibly farmed seafood) and the BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) Certifications for all Mowi’s certified farms.

This year, MOWI is introducing Atlantic salmon portions that bring a variety of flavored butter pucks to enhance the already delicious flavor of salmon. This new line has been unveiled in the New Product Showcase Exhibitor segment at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston.

“With the MOWI Brand, we want consumers to recognize the bounties of farm raised Atlantic Salmon and encourage them to try the extensive variety of our product line. US Consumers enjoy salmon for many different occasions: as an everyday meal and as an indulging experience made for a special occasion. In the similar way that some consumers choose a different quality of their favorite protein for entertaining vs an everyday home meal, MOWI has expanded its horizons to meet different price points and eating occasions,” said Diana Dumet, Marketing Director at Mowi CP of Americas. 

Consumers are now able to find a beautiful Atlantic salmon product pre-packed utilizing skin packed technology with a transparent package for clear view of the excellence of Mowi’s salmon cuts. MOWI’s skin packed farm raised Atlantic salmon offers superior quality as no hands or direct air touches the product from production until customers open their delicious salmon in their kitchens. MOWI is proud to offer product that has No smell-No mess and consumers can easily grab-and-go from our retail partners’ seafood shelves. “While Seafood in the retail space continues to acquire shelf space from other protein options, we want to thank those customers that opened the doors to the MOWI Brand and have proven to be a true partner to educate consumers about seafood. We are proud of partnerships that focus on offering the variety that consumers request, selecting quality and uniqueness to raise the bar for the category in the US Market”, said Joe Fidalgo, Managing Director Mowi Consumers Products of the Americas. 

Mowi cares about the entire process of Salmon-from Sea to Fork – and vows to bring the Goodness of MOWI® salmon to the home of consumers. Mowi CP of Americas is proud to continue expanding the Goodness of MOWI® to more retail partners and supports the program through a holistic marketing campaign that includes branded content through radio, TV, food publications, influencers, social media, YouTube and much more…Salmon is Good, but MOWI® is Goodness! Mowi CP of Americas is excited for what’s yet to come as the retailer community opens its doors.

“MOWI is now present in 18 markets, and we have reached our goal of becoming a global brand. In all the markets we are present in, we offer high-quality, delicious products. We also focus on bringing new products to the market to meet consumer needs and offer more ways and more occasions in which to enjoy salmon. Our goal going forward is to continue growing in our markets together with our customers, continue on the path of de-commoditizing the salmon category while bringing value to it and to consumers,” concluded Andreas Johler, Managing Director of Mowi Branding.

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About Mowi:

Mowi, a Norwegian company, has consistently delivered healthy and delicious seafood since 1964 and has become a leading aquaculture company. Mowi works with the ocean to produce nutritious, delicious and supreme-quality seafood while striving to achieve the highest sustainability standards. Fulfilling one-fifth of the global demand for farm-raised Atlantic salmon, Mowi is determined to reduce the environmental impact of seafood production and works exclusively with farmers who follow the most responsible harvesting practices. Mowi has operations in 25 countries and more than 14,000 employees. Go to to learn more about the world’s largest supplier of Atlantic salmon. As the world’s leading salmon producer, Mowi works to help preserve the ocean and work in harmony with the sea to help feed a growing world population.

Mowi has been ranked as the world’s most sustainable protein producer for the fourth year in a row by the FAIRR Initiative.

Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index assesses the world’s 60 largest publicly-listed animal protein producers, worth a combined USD 338 billion. Firms are ranked against ten environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related criteria including GHG emissions, deforestation, antibiotic usage and working conditions.

Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index – Summary Report.
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About MOWI Brand:

MOWI is all about Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon that offers a variety of cuts from personal size portions to large family cuts. MOWI offers generous cuts for everyday family meals and the experience of a bistro cut for special elegant meals.

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